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Let me tell you all a little story. When I was younger, maybe circa 1995 (pretty sure the year TakeThat broke up so already a traumatic year!) I really really had my heart set on the Barbie Bay Watch Car for my upcoming birthday.

So much so, and this much has not changed about me! I organized my ‘wishing land’ < this was a mixture of Polly pockets, sulvallian families and Barbie town which was in the middle of my bedroom floor – just got background! > around this new addition of the bay watch car which was going to protect them … no idea what from!

Always, sadly I never did get that bay watch car, was pretty disappointed! Not to say my childhood was a sob story but it’s funny the things you remember!

Why am I telling you this story?! I told this to my husband months ago, no idea how we got onto subject. So last week he comes home and surprises me with this 👆🏼👆🏼 yup in its original box unopened! No joke!

DELIGHTED, despite being 30! Just shows dreams can always come true no matter what age or stage in life!

Now baby cub will get to play with it… !!

What childhood toy did you always want?!


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