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Nooooo!! The worst most unflattering trend (unless you are Britney/Christina circa 2000!) is back … low-rise Jeans!

Firstly, can someone explain to me who decides on the latest trends? And whomever this is can you please take into consideration us moms over here who appreciate a great mom Jean to cover up muffin top! I mean honestly, last thing I want to see when out for lunch is everyone’s crack or thong on show! No thank you!

As you can see I’m just not about this low-rise life especially as we move into the winter months, I mean my bod wasn’t ready in time for this summer so imagine getting my stomach out, even the thought of wearing them without any support to my tummy when sitting down! Hellll no!

I’m mom jeans, in particular from Gap, all the way! I will not be partaking in this trend! By the comments I got last week I’m not the only one!!

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