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Darkening up our luscious locks for the winter season has been a common movement amongst women for years. Most women tend to gravitate toward darker tones in the fall and winter because of the warm and rich feeling it radiates.

I LOVE to change up my hair color every time I go! I get the itch to keep changing things up! The only constant in my hair life is lightening up during the summer and darkening during the winter!

Depending on whether your skin tone is considered “cool” or “warm,” it could drastically change the hue of the hair color. However don’t go too crazy or too drastic! Stay within two shades of your natural hair color if you plan on just “darkening up” for winter. Adding lowlights to your hair can add warmth and depth, which is great for winter.

At the weekend I went dark with some lighter pieces round the front. Luckily for me I have a great hair dresser (friend!) who is AMAZING and she’s always supportive with my forever changing hair coloring!


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