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I’m sure you can tell by now I’m not the BIGGEST make-up wearing person, at the weekends I try to avoid it altogether and during the week I keep it extremely simple. This means when I do get ‘dolled up’ for a special occasion it feels all the more special. I’m a big believer that people should be loved for who they are and not who they are pretending to be. I see make-up as a cover up, we should bare ourselves to the world and be accepted! On that note yesterday I didn’t even wear make-up to work! Yup, and I still feel like I looked presentable to face the professional world!


Now, I wanted to introduce you all to see what’s in my everyday make-up routine. I try to keep my make-up bag light and not weighed down with products I won’t use. I also mix it up (thanks very much to Ipsy and Birchbox) monthly with the products I’m loving as it’s nice to try new items. I will start doing these posts more often so you can see whats my flavor of the month!


Before I jump right in with my everyday make-up products, I wanted to mention a new BB cream I’m really liking at the moment by Marcelle. It glides right on and has GREAT coverage with a small amount going a long way keeping the natural colors of my skin without covering up. It also gives a little glow, which helps especially during the colder months. Because I’m pale I can look a little washed out.

Okay, so here are my TOP 6 products! Yup, it’s not true when you watch all these insta videos of girls caking their faces with products. That is not real everyday life plus that’s TERRIBLE for your skin. So keep it simple, highlight your features and only cover up your pimples! 

First I use ‘It Cosmetics’ concealer under my eyes (dotted, and lighted rubbed in using my ring finger), around my nose, dotted chin and if I have any pimples I’m trying to hide. Next I use Iconic London’s Strobing Highlight Stick (LOVE LOVE LOVE… if it’s good enough for Kim K then it’s good enough for me!). I use this to highlight my eyes, under my brows, tip of my nose, ample of my lips. It makes a huge difference. Then for my brows to define them more I use Benefits ‘gimme brow’ in brown followed by nourishing mascara then blusher usually coral on my cheeks. For lips, unless I’m wearing lipstick I usually just use liner for simple coloring that’s long lasting.

That’s it, pretty simple right?! And it takes less than 5 minutes!


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