a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

We just returned back from an awesome much needed get away during thanksgiving break! I think all of us needed the time off, break from Houston and relaxing setting! We went with our friends (Luna’s god parents and there son) so it was even better!

We rented a cabin in Leakey, Texas which was in the middle of nowhere. Close up a trail so we could walk the dogs next to the river.

Outside of drinking tequila/whiskey/wine and eating as much as we could we explored the local town of Leakey

Then a beautiful drive out to Lost Marples winery and town which was the BEST!! The wine tasted delicious!

Literally couldn’t think of a better way to spend thanksgiving! This year has honestly been the BEST, however this is all down to years of working our butts off so it’s nice to sit back and take a breath to appreciate where we have come from and where we are right now!

Now… what’s in store for the future?!

My outfits consisted of Aerie comfortable lounge wear and Fabletics!!!


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