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Thanks again to Ipsy I was able to try out Biocellulouse Peel Mask by a Midflower which I got in pack of 6 for $16 compared to retail price of $45 for 3 masks (pretty great deal right!?)

Why is this mask so unique?! 

Uniquely designed with Biocellulose technology, the peel binds tightly to dead skin cells while nano-fibers drive the Pure Rosa Damascena flower water infused in the mask deep into the skin to replenish. Containing no chemicals or preservatives, this peel mask is suitable for all ages and skin types. 001 Biocellulose Peel Mask delivers a luxurious, at-home spa experience. Simple, 100% natural ingredient – each mask is infused with 15-ml of Rosa Damascena water, known for its rejuvenating qualities and concentrated hydration. With fibers 500 times thinner than skin tissue, the gel-like bio-cellulose material hugs your skin seamlessly to deliver the revitalizing rose water deep into your skin

  • Plant-based nano-fibers: safe, melds like a second skin

Bio-Cellulose Peel Mask utilizes a 100% natural plant driven, bio-fermented nano-fiber. The material has a function similar to skin and is often used in wound treatment. The fiber intros mask measures only between 20-100 nanometers in diameter, which is 500 times thinner than skin wrinkles! It molds seamlessly on your face and opens up the pores. Fresh beauty essence is penetrated deeply, effectively nourishing and replenishing the skin. All Bulgarian rose water is sealed upon produced, and delivered directly to our facilities by climate-control containers to ensure the mask that ends up on your face is second place to none!

What was my thoughts?!

Y’all know I love trying out masks. This one was extra cool, it stuck to my skin like it was literally a second skin! It was weird as usually I’m sliding the sheet mask on as there is so much excess but this one felt a little like rubber!

I tried out this one because my skin has been breaking out – why?! God knows especially as it’s been the most relaxing trip away!

My skin does look glowly! Is there instant results I can see? Not really. Would I spend $45 on 3 more I doubt it but it’s a pretty cool mask!


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