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When it comes to fashion, spring 2020 brings along some of the coolest looks and unique trends that will motivate you to step out and make a stylish statement. The hottest accessory trending this year and worn by our favorite fashionistas, are bold and beautiful headbands. The fashion industry just can’t get enough of them this year, and honestly I’m not complaining!

Whether they’re satined, velveted, or pearled; headbands are available in a multitude of styles. If you’re someone who’s curious about this eye catching trend and wants to know the A to Z of it, you’ve come to the right place.

Personally, for me, the headband trend took a while for me to catch on. I just wasn’t initially a fan. But when it comes to my hair I’ve always struggled to ‘play’ with it. I’m trying to get better and have more fun… I started off 2019 with zero headbands, I ended 2019 with over 12!!

The Top Knot:

Made from quality fabrics like silk chiffon, satin, or straw, these knotted headbands are extremely comfortable and accentuate your style. They also do a wonderful job keeping your hair out of the way.

This headband is from TJ Maxx

Padded Headband:

Padded headbands are the hottest new accessories we’re seeing in all the runways featuring any Spring Summer 2020 fashion collection. From Prada to Chocheng to Miu Miu, there isn’t a luxury brand that isn’t embracing the padded headband – also known as the 80s Alice band. The bengaline padded headbands are ultra chic and classy, and fits so comfortably. The bengaline texture is similar to a grosgrain ribbon, a favorite year round texture. The headband’s half an inch thickness, gives it that uniquely retro look.

I picked up this Amazon head band holder for only $14!

Pearl Headbands:

As you know, pearls are timeless pieces for fashion. If you want to look chic and stylish, wearing pearl pieces is the easiest way to do it! Especially pearl jewelry is my favorite, I wore pearl earrings and necklace to my wedding. This is my favorite headband Trend

Set of 6 headbands from amazon $12!

Conclusion, I’m a huge head band fan… especially for my 3rd day hair!!


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