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Amazon accessory trays $19 for 4 trays!

Spring is creeping round the corner, officially March 21st in case you didn’t know kicks off the first day of spring!

I much prefer to get ahead of my ‘spring cleaning’ and after doing a huge END OF YEAR reorganize I have a couple of areas I would like to focus on to make best impact!

I’m trying to finish my closet room, even though I can’t help but feel it will never ending! I still REALLY want to get drapes and maybe a new light to complete the look but I wasn’t very happy with how I’m storing my accessories. I’m someone who needs to visually see my options before I can commit, so when everything is in boxes or tidied away it makes me not use the item. This is why I try to rotate what’s hanging up on show!

I have so many accessories which I fail to use, I go to my ‘favorites’ because I don’t have time to plan better! So today is the day I’m finally organizing my accessories! I’m trying to be cost effective as best I can be!

The initial picture shows my drawer in my vanity table displaying rings and earrings. The display trays are from Amazon for $19 for a set of 4. You can also pick up in black but I prefer gray!

This was a great project to make me go through my jewelry and make a decision if I should keep or sell or throw away.

Amazon Trays $19 set of 4! Storage boxes above are Jimmy Choo shoe boxes

Now, I have many necklaces and turns out a lot more bracelets than I initially thought! So using the Amazon trays (I picked up 2 – $19 each for 8 trays!) I cleared out one of my closet drawers to display all my jewelry.

Above you will notice I’ve used old shoe boxes (Jimmy Choo!) for storage. It ties in with my closet room as I really love the look of brand boxes…!!! Jimmy Choo have the perfect subtle colors of boxes.

Using shoe box lids to store envelope clutch bags and scarfs

In the storage (shoe boxes!!) I have my scarfs organized so I can quickly pick and go, envelope clutches (these are my most go to bags for a kid free night out!) and then the middle is belts !

Jimmy Choo shoe box used to store belts and hat
Using stud storage box to house all my perfume bottles

It’s important to keep perfume out of the light, despite how classic the bottles look on display. So I am using my old jewelry box to store my perfume. It’s black studded looks awesome!

Storing heels on shelves
Drawers to house my everyday heels.

As y’all know I’m a SHOE LOVER and they are like art to me! So I love them being on show! Shelves are great to display and store heels. You should NEVER just throw them into boxes! They deserved to be loved!

For my day to day heels I store them in drawers. This way of storing protects them

I LOVE how the closet room is shaping up and now I can organize my outfits with the perfect accessories!!

Happy spring cleaning!!!

Here is the description to buy off amazon!


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