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Heyyy team! You know what I love so much?! You know… because I talk about it alllll the time! Organizing and tidying! It gets me in my zen place, allows me to surround myself with good energy and balances my karma (so I believe …!)

One of the areas I find so many of my friends have troubles with is organizing there closet, keeping it organized and knowing what to wear! So I literally took one of my girlfriends up on her offer to pop over and help organize!

Disclaimer… my friend could maybe give me a run for my money on how clean, tidy and organized her house was! To be honest I was unsure how to make an impact! Then after a quick briefing (lol very corporate talk) I realized her issue was pairing outfits and focusing on pieces for this season.

First tip! Take EVERYTHING out!

Trust me, it’s best to start from scratch and it allows you to see every piece, you physically touching it will bring back ‘positive or negative’ thoughts and also ‘oh I forgot I even had this’ which can be good or if you forgot will you miss it and should you hold on to it?!

Second tip! Be honest with yourself!

Easy to say… I went through my closet again on Monday after helping my girl on Sunday and I’ve put aside 5 pairs of pants to sell. I tried on EVERYTHING and they didn’t make me feel good, I was holding on to them because ‘you never know’ even though when I put them on I felt like my mama pouch was on show! Go through each piece and put into piles! P.s I always keep things in my maybe pile for a couple of weeks before acting to ensure I’m comfortable with decision!

Third tip! List what you need!

Write a list of items your closet is missing. Ie I pulled out 5 pairs of pants (3 of which were work pants) therefore I noted down I needed to replace and also wrote colors – as you want items that are basic and will go with all that you have to maximize usage especially work items. I ended up picking up pants from old navy and getting 50% off (great timing!)

Fourth tip! Have outfits paired!

For my girl, her issue was grabbing outfits – so we paired up 10 work outfits and 10 fall outfits (I put hangers in differently to be able to see difference in outfits and easily grabbed) now she is ready to go! In my closet I have my cabinets on show where each month I rotate ‘trend’ items to grab and pair!

Fifth tip! Color coordinate!

It allows you mix and match easily! I have my special occasion dresses to the right of my closet, jackets-tops-sweaters in the middle and then work/play dresses to the left! I also store off season items in our attic to create space and allow me to focus on pieces that are appropriate for season!

Sixth tip! Never have shoes in boxes!

The key is to make everything as visual as possible. When your items are out in the open you are more likely to use them and you get more wear out of your wardrobe.

Seventh tip! Have accessories visible

Y’all know I invested in jewelry drawer organizers which have made my life complete! Well to ensure I use my hats… and well my fall hat (am I the only gal who only has 3 hats?! Do I need to up my game?!) I picked up some stick on wooden hooks to keep them firstly on display and secondly not crushed!

Same goes with scarfs and hair accessories! If they are easily seen they are easily grabbed and used! That is the key! Nothing should be in boxes!

Lastly… have fun with your space!

My closet room is my area that makes me happy – mainly because it’s organized. I don’t stress when I’m getting ready because I can always find everything and in my head I find it much more exciting to put outfits together because I know what pieces I have !

Hopefully these quick tips will help you, or make you think about your space and may prompt a little reorganizing! Always happy to help….


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