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Skirt Old Navy, jacket Marc Jacobs, bag Zara, hat target & bodysuit Skims

I’ve just returned from such a fun 2-day trip to Waco Tx. I’m sure all of you have heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines from fixer upper TV show?! I’ve watched it a handful of times, maybe purchased a couple of items from there target collection (it’s sooo beautiful, chic, timeliness and simplistic!) so if you haven’t heard of Chip & Jo they basically own Waco now and have put it well and truly on the map… literally people travel from around the globe to visit!

Magnolia Market & Silos

I think I turned to my girl and said ‘wow’ under my mask several times! It’s a stunning area, the backyard area and all the food trucks that really makes it a fun place to visit. this is a “worth it” stop. They have the cutest little boutiques in the property, then the main shop, Magnolia Press & Magnolia Silos Bakery. Oh, and do your homework: Magnolia Market, Magnolia Table and Silo Baking company are closed Sundays.

This is inside the bakery sooo delicious – I walked away with biscuit & cookies

Top tips for Magnolia Table

I love breakfast. I love all food but breakfast is my very favorite. Brunch is a close second. If you’ve ever dreamed of having breakfast, lunch, or brunch at the Magnolia Table in Waco Texas, I have some tips to help you out. I know Waco Texas is an increasingly popular destination these days and all things Magnolia are high on everyone’s Waco bucket list.

The Magnolia Table is open from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To get seated with minimal wait, I recommend arriving earlier than 7am! This morning we ended up grabbing a coffee in the waiting area – got there at 6:55am and was seated by 7:25am.

Pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon! Classic

If you’re looking for awesome boutique shopping in Waco, I recommend checking out Spice Village and The Findery. They have some truly authentic and fun gift items and memorabilia with Texan flare.

Waco Suspension Bridge

There are about 3 awesome bridges in Waco which is worth the walk (we didn’t have time so took this quick snap!) it’s right next to the Brazos River, stunning area for wandering around!

Cameron Park

Jacobs Ladder

Before jumping in the car and heading home we stopped by Cameron Park (after staying up late reading about the Waco Curse and ghost stories!) and hiked (literally as it’s steep af!) up and then down Jacobs Ladder! There is so much more to see here along with the Zoo and trails but this was the extent of what we saw!

Places to Eat & Drink

Firstly, most places closed at 9pm! However, here are some spots to check out that we either went to or was recommended!!

Goes without saying ALL OF MAGNOLIA!

– Lula Jane’s

MOROSO Wood Fired Pizzeria – great wine too!

The Backyard Bar Stage and Grill

– Milo All Day

– Union Hall

Fixer Upper Grand Tour

Yes. Yes we literally drove round looking for fixer uppers and also drove out to Chip & Jo’s house ( promise we aren’t stalkers!) I was surprised how beautiful this part of Texas is! Quick tip: just google for addresses!

The shops on Franklin were super cute, I think I bought something in every shop! I couldn’t help it!

Also.. go check out the original Magnolia store called “the little shop on Bosque” which is all discounted! You can pick up some GREAT bargains!

I am already looking to plan another trip back to explore more, honestly it’s 2.5 hours from h-town and I love just being able to walk and explore! It was nice to get out to Houston.


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