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Think I’m a fan of this brand?!

Glossier is one of the first makeup brands to be born out of social media, and it looks the part: Its modern, minimalist packaging is designed to look good in photographs. Every Glossierproduct arrives in a reusable, pink plastic pouch.

The Glossier beauty company grew out of its millennial founder Emily Weiss’s beauty blog called “Into the Gloss.” Starting her career at Teen Vogue, then moving around other slots at Condé Nast, Weiss left in 2010 to launch her blog to share beauty tips and tricks with her online friends.

Glossier celebrates its customers’ natural beauty, not the artificial, painted-on kind. Its tagline is, “Beauty products inspired by real life.”

Generation G

Generation G: “… a sheer matte lipstick – which is a crazy combo!”

This gets points for being exactly what it says it is — a sheer matte lipstick — which is a crazy combo. Putting it on is a little bit of a mindfreak — it feels like you’re applying a lipstick that has completely dried out. (I do not recommend trying this if your lips are flaky or chapped). But once you get the pressure right, the results are really pretty

It truly does make it look like you’ve figured out blotting and that you’re also fresh-faced and alive. It’s like blush for your lips.

Wearing Generation G in Jam

But this new one looks and feels like a real lipstick. It has some weight to it like a fancy lipstick should. I adore the color, Jam. It’s the perfect berry — subtle enough for everyday use, even on my fair skin.

Like many Glossier products, it’s delicately scented like roses. It feels good on but is neither moisturizing nor drying. But the color doesn’t last long. Two layers will last several hours without eating, or through one meal. But it’s not a lipstick you can put on in the morning and not have to worry about all day. Thankfully I like reapplying lipstick, so call me a Generation G convert.

Cloud Paint

This buildable, gorgeous tint is just what you need for a flush of lovely color — whether you like a natural look or a dramatic full face.

It comes in six shades and is packaged in cuter-than-cute paint-style tubes. Here’s how all six shades look ~on~ in subtle circles on Glossier’s models — from top to bottom we got: Storm, Dawn, Haze, Dusk, Puff, and Beam.

Cloud Paint’s cream-gel texture applies smoothly and evenly for a streak-free look. And it retains water to visibly plump your skin for a moisturized, dewy (but not wet or shiny) look!

Would I recommend?

Glossiers skincare deserves a whole other post dedicated – as you can see from the initial picture I LOVE this brand, I’ve literally put my money where my mouth is! I’m building up quite the collection, but it’s because I strongly believe when you find great make-up tools you need to buy in every color!

Wearing a mask day in day out it’s nice to have long wear products!


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