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This above is how I spent my thirty-second birthday… well in all honestly cub was dropped off at day care in the morning so mama and papa could have some ‘us’ time! We are such old farts as we grabbed breakfast at my favorite place (shout out to Common Bond!) then walked round Tomball searching for antiques (I found some gorgeous china tea cup sets… I couldn’t resist!). Then, it was time to be a big kid by playing at the park … and of course I am also going down the slides going ‘wooohooo’!

What a strange year, and now the election results were announced I feel a little bit relived it’s all over (well… depending if Trump will let it go!), although companies are doing layoffs, it’s getting harder and harder at work… but yet I’m feeling beyond relieved at the moment we both still have our jobs and still get to be part of the best industry in the world (hmm.. can you tell I’m die hard O&G?! my hubs will roll his eyes so hard at that comment…!).

As I reflect over this year I sit back (as I’m typing this on my Apple Mac.. I’m so fancy! thanks to the best most practicable present… as I’m beginning my podcast journey which will hopefully be coming soon in 2021!) typing away I thought I’d do 32 bullets of what I’ve been loving over the last year – so goodbye 31…

  1. Since Common Bond moved out to our hood (could I BE any luckier as it’s right outside my work campus!) I have maybe gone every weekend….
  2. Glossier JAM generation g has been my go to matte lipstick
  3. over the last couple of months, instead of relying on other peoples skills I have decided to learn myself… one off the work bucket list is Sharepoint! Next Excel advanced… gotta continue working on yourself personally and professionally
  4. Since I found out about my friends new business of beauty and bath products I have purchased something every week… that’s support y’all (Angelilli Apothecary – check them out!)
  5. Secret Garden bar in H-Town was worth the wait… the cocktails tasted delicious
  6. Someone commented on my love of scrunchies last year (maybe year before) as I thought they were making a come back… for my birthday hubs bought me a new pack of them… I was right!
  7. I recently discovered Beauty counter – very impressed with there cleanser wash and overnight resurfacing peel
  8. Botox is the B E S T solution (highly recommend Skin Day Spa call Donna!)
  9. Peloton was my best purchase this year – it’s been a life saver and I’m looking forward to the results
  10. my homemade lavender and vanilla lattes could maybe compete with Starbucks
  11. I love Kendra Scott but literally only go once a year at my birthday as I KNOW I will get 50% off – anyone else?!
  12. Tan-Luxe The Butter is worth every penny as a tanning lotion
  13. OLAPLEX no#3 is genius – so glad Kim K told me about it
  14. Suits 2nd time round watching it with my husband was even better
  15. The Morning Show is a serious ‘need to add to list’
  16. The Cinema is one of my favorite places to go and get lost in movies… so much so I added it to my hobby list!
  17. 32 is a lot of items to type about so I will stop here for now….!!!

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