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So just to caveat this review, I did not purchase the Dyson Air Wrap but my bestie came over and allowed me to trial out hers… don’t want to spoil the movie but W O W!

Let’s firstly highlight a couple of points about the Dyson Airwrap – it comes with several attachment tools that allow for the best DIY hair blow out! This GAME CHANGER tool marries the idea of thermal blow out brushes and self curling irons HOWEVER instead of extreme heat which can be very damaging for hair it uses entirely air!

The Airwrap comes in three different kits depending on your hair condition; Coarse, fine and kit for both. The value price is approx. $550 – yup it’s pretty pricey. If your routine is already getting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blow outs or treatments this would be a much cheaper, quicker (doing it yourself) and time effective (no travel time for appointments) solution. However, it’s a tough purchase price to swallow.

I already have the Dyson original hair dryer which is THE BEST one I’ve ever used, also pricey but worth it. For the first time ever I feel comfortable doing my hair myself and so damn quickly. My hair is wavy and fine – just for reference. To be honest via new COVID lifestyle I have done my hair around 5 times since March… so if you like to style your hair every time it’s more worth while.

Let’s get back to the Airwrap….

Each set features a mini, more travel- friendly version of the Dyson hair dryer . Each attachments can be added very quickly and easily. The sizes are 1.2 inch barrels for fine hair and 1.6 inch for coarse hair. They have arrows on the barrels to know which ones to use on the right and left side – it takes a couple of tries but once you master is it’s SIMPLE!

watching the barrel catch my hair was INCREDIBLE and mind blowing! I have struggled over the years to be able to perfect blowing out and curling my hair myself and this just did it instantly – this would make getting ready so much easily!

It’s very light – would say easy to travel with compared to previous hair dryers/tools as everything is in one. Ideally you aim to get hair 80% dry then you style as needed.

So what is the conclusion?!


If I didn’t already have the revlon hair brush (which is like $34!) and the dyson original dryer I would make work on justifying it to myself but due to the price and how often I actually blow out my hair I can’t. Maybe when on sale!

I highly suggest you trying it out if one your friends has purchased it!


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