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My mind is blown that it’s December and we have nearly made it through 2020! What a year… and how many times can we continue to say that too!

If you have been a long term follower of mine you will know how obsessive I am with our home being clean, organized (maybe to an excessive degree verging on O C D) and I strongly believe this is linked to positive mental health. If your home and work life is organized I PROMISE you will feel mentally better, especially going into a new year.

I’m here with a little Christmas series on how to declutter and organize your home! this year it’s even more imperitive to go into 2021 fresh. Kicking off with life changing reasons to declutter your home…!!

Decluttering makes cleaning up SO much quicker!

If you are like my husband and find cleaning to be a bit of a chore (full disclosure we have a cleaner who comes every 2 weeks to help with the floors etc) then decluttering will make a MASSIVE impact. Reducing items sitting out means less items to pick up, or ensuring they all have their rightful storage places to make it quick and easy to tidy up.

Decluttered home reduces stress and worry

For me, personally, I feel happier when my home is organized, tidy and clean. When everything is in it’s rightful place I feel calm, I feel ready to hit the ground running with whatever I’m doing. If my home is a mess or even if my work place is a mess (whether outstanding emails etc) I feel worried, anxious, stressed, I always feel like I have outstanding items to do.

It will allow you to make smarter purchases

Who agrees with me on the above statement? If my wardrobe is clean, in order, I know exactly what I ‘need’ vs ‘want’ same with our toddler. I know exactly what items to focus on in sales to get the right bargains we use. When we go food shopping we know exactly what we need, if it’s more toilet roll (cause this year that’s been hardest to find item!) or hand soap – we try to always keep inventory whether food items, or toiletries or clothing to be ready to grab when needed.

Clutter free living

Similar to what is stated above, we have a rightful place for all our items. If we get bills in they will sit out until paid, they won’t get shoved in a drawer to miss but will be actioned then filed – for example. We never have random items left on worktops, at the end of the day each of us (including our toddler) will tidy everything away. It allows us to wake up ready for the day, not having to rush around to find things. For day care and work our bags are laid out the night before. That would be the only clutter left out…!

Doesn’t your rooms look better when decluttered?!

Let’s be honest, walking into a tidy decluttered house is nicer than walking into a house of chaos. It’s a fact, and certainly for me I always make a rule that we are ALWAYS ready for visitors, never do we have that last minute running around.

Clutter free environment allows creativity to blossom

A tidy simple home gives you plenty of space to explore your creativity. I do a lot of writing with blogging and I can’t concentrate until everything is done, in my day to day procurement life working from home I get up early to get all my chores done so when I sit with my coffee first thing I’m ready to tackle the day. if I have outstanding items I can’t divert my thoughts. Even my desk at work I always have it clear and clutter free.

Honesty these are some of the MY top reasons to declutter your life, because this is how it’s made me feel. It’s been a lifestyle change, which I’ve pushed on my husband who agrees he feels better (or at least agrees to my face!). Let me know your thoughts on this… coming soon is my 12 days of Christmas decluttering!


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