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Welcome to Choos And Fashion Doos 12 days of organizing!

Woohooo! Let’s kick off December by getting organized for 2021 and into a better tidying routine to stick to!

For day one, let’s clear and organise the main surfaces in our living room and kitchen. Keep the first day easy! This is the perfect place to start, as it means that your surfaces are nice and clear for organising on the days ahead.

Keeping a living room organized is a challenge because the living room (or family room) has so many functions. You’re supposed to use the same space to relax, entertain, play, eat, and possibly exercise, all while keeping it tidy?

Given how many things they’re used for, it’s no wonder living rooms often end up full of clutter. Walking into any living room and you may see piles of mail, unread magazines, toys scattered about, and exercise equipment. Keeping on top of it is hard, this is why this is the first place to start!

Some of the key areas to declutter today are your:

  • Kitchen worktops
  • Coffee tables
  • Sidetables
  • TV stand/media centre/storage ottomans
  • Decluttering decorations
  • Taking note of pictures to update
  • Take note of items that you want to fix / redecorate / purchase in upcoming sales

Items I noted for updating/decorating before end of year were the following (to give some examples)

– Purchase drop lights for above island and install

– Update coffee area with decor (added in faux plant, purchased new coffee syrups and moved the toaster)

– purchased new 4 slice toaster in mint green to match kitchen decor

– purchased new pillows for fall/winter months to change it up throughout the year

– cleaned out our storage ottoman (which we added in June of this year) of games and blankets for living room

Already feeling MUCH better – although it’s just the surfaces it already feels much cleaner and organized.


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