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I invested in this face mask last year, and it’s not disappointed! Our little cub is having quiet time playing with her little people and their tree house … although I will say she’s not very quiet!! Anyhoo, I decided my skin needed a little bit of pampering, I use a different mask weekly depending on what my skin ‘needs’!

Today it’s in dire need of pore extraction! And what better than this awesome face mask focusing on porefining – it’s supposed to draw out impurities, tightens pores, invigorates a dull complexion & boost radiance! I mean… all of this is what I need!

This face mask retails at $40ish – and it lasts! A little goes a long way! The packaging is the same color as the clay, and it comes with a brush applicator – gosh why wasn’t I using a brush with other face masks until this!

Ensure your face is clean, apply using brush, and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash off with a cloth and warm water!

Instantly, I can feel my skin tingling, in a good way! And it’s tightening as the clay hardens!

My skin felt SO beyond smooth when I washed it off, gently. Also very skin, my pores were much smaller and less clogged.

This is a great mask to use, I normally will put on a moisture mask and leave it for a couple of hours, if I have the time for extra pampering!

If interested, you can purchase from this link here!


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