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Is it just me, or this last week my emails have been BLOWING up with sale offers, despite me trying to avoid and delete daily, I’ve been receiving text messages from companies, and then from my girlfriends reminding me of how good the sales are!

Let’s be honest, we never NEED the majority of the items we purchase. I find myself, compared to the start of the year, slipping back into bad habits of over spending and following trends. I think it’s because for 1.5 hours we really tightened our belts, within our household! Maybe this is me going too far the other way… BUT one more month until 2022 and I will change my habits in January.., so until then let me share some of the items I did purchase in the sales, and more specifically why!!! This is what bloggers never showcase, and I wonder how much are they actually keeping?! Is it all just for the post to share and make $$?!

Classic Sweater

Put on a sweater and really great sneakers with a big scarf, and you’ll look so stylish. For me, they are an everyday essential.

Megan Markle

A classic sweater is a wardrobe staple, let’s be honest! During the colder months, I love nothing more than pairing a leather skirt, pumps and a slick sweater. Typically I love places such as J Crew, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. When I’m thinking about colors, I aim for camel, black, khaki and white – these are my wardrobe primary colors I stick too, but adding in pops of pink and mustard!

I purchased two sweaters from Banana Republic: Everyday Lofty Crew-Neck Sweater and Boucle Sweater. Might sound crazy, but I don’t own ANY black sweaters, so I bought both in black. Knowing I can pair it up with so much, and mix work and play!

Leather Skirt

Y’all, I cannot express how much a leather skirt is literally NEEDED in your life! I rely on Zara, yearly… like legit I have 4 pencil skirts that I rotate and cannot live without. This fall I invested in Spanx faux leather pencil skirt (holy shit it’s sooo flattering!) I took advantage of the 20% off and I also picked up a pleated mini skirt (hoping it will look good, and not too short!) also in the sale!

Beauty Products

I could spend 10 minutes in Sephora and still walk out with $$ worth in my basket, I really try to go in with purpose but it’s maybe the best shop! Especially for me, as I love skincare beauty products and I’m getting more and more into make-up, or at least trying to!

Use the sales wisely, you could argue it’s a good time to pick up bargains to items you have been wanting to try but don’t like the price tag, but for me, it’s when I stock up on the items I DO LOVE!!

Be proud, I only purchased from IT Cosmetics, the bye bye redness concealer, which I use EVERY DAMN DAY! And the Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer – which I’m excited to try! I’ve read so many great things about it!

Bling Bling!

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”

All my jewelry is simple pieces, gold and items I can pair together. That is my motto! I purchased the Alida mini clear ring (which p.s was $12… reduced from $44!!) knowing it will go with my other pieces, it’s also classic! so it’s an item that will be staying on… won’t be coming off!!

And that’s a wrap… I was so good this Black Friday and cyber Monday!!! Now I really need to behave, get ready for a non spend 2022!!!

Hope y’all got some great pieces in the sale… but were wise to ensure it’s an investment piece, or product!


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