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The rose mist & cleanser

Last month I received a couple of beauty products from a brand new company called Annod Natural Skincare, and as you know I ADORE trying out new skincare products!

Firstly, they sent me ‘skincare Truths booklet’ which has AMAZING tips, advice and reasons why you should be taking care of your skin. Y’all know I love of the education behind the products! There is so much on the market right now, it’s hard to know what to use!

The two products I am reviewing is their hydrating jojoba cleanser (which p.s has won numerous organic clean beauty awards over the last couple of years) and the rose mist. The perfect combination to try out.

The packaging is gorgeous, slick, simple and comfortable to hold! Especially the mist – which comes out actually like a mist. Let’s be honest the amount of products I have bought and felt let down when I used the spray! This one is PERFECT.

These products I might add are cruelty free, organic, vegan friendly and in recycling packaging.

The cleanser should be applied to dry skin (did you already know this?!) As it allows the cleanser to breakdown all the oil-soluble particles and dead cells and clean the oil glands.

Always spend a couple of minutes massaging the cleanser around. This cleanser smells gorgeous. It left my skin feeling extremely clean and soft, I added it to my nightly skincare routine.

Next, I apply the rose mist, which has multipurpose role in your skincare routine. Always mist after you cleanse. It will follow up to ensure all traces of the cleanser and dirt has left. It also helps rehydrate your skins surface, which then allows for moisturizer to be absorbed faster and deeper.

Applying the mist!

If you haven’t already heard of this brand, please go look them up. They have a range of skincare products to choose from, this was just a couple, however they are now part of my daily routine.

I will also add, I have been using products for over 30 days now – always commit to products, don’t just try once to ensure you get the FULL effects!

Check out their website here


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