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When you open your refrigerator, you expect to see chilled beverages, produce, maybe a box of leftovers, and ingredients for tonight’s dinner. I’m sure skincare products don’t make the list. But more and more, people are actually storing skin essentials in the fridge. In fact, many take things a step further and dedicate a mini fridge to solely that purpose. No more mixing sustenance and skincare.

Skincare fridges are used to keep products cold and amplify some of their benefits. Let me go into further detail…

Facial Serums

Serums deliver powerful ingredients to your skin. Take their effects to new heights by cooling them off in a skincare mini-fridge. I recommend giving this treatment to serums with refreshing and hydrating formulas. The cold temperature will really complement their benefits.

Eye Creams

Eye masks that can be popped into the freezer and cool cucumber slices are known as beauty and self-care staples. And there’s a reason these cold treatments are often recommended for the eye area—they feel amazing and offer skin benefits. An easy way to add a similar component to your daily routine is with a refrigerated eye cream.

To use eye cream, take about half a pea-sized amount and rub it between your fingertips to break down the formula. Then, gently tap it onto your under-eye area using your ring finger. Continue with your tapping motions until it absorbs—but be careful not to tug or pull at the delicate skin around your eyes.

Face Masks

Skincare fridges are a tool to pamper yourself, and I’d be remiss not to mention the ultimate skin-pampering product: face masks. When you seriously need to relax, you can grab your mask from the fridge, smooth on the chilled formula, and kick up your feet while it works its magic. It’s even better if the mask is formulated with soothing ingredients.


The next product to go in your refrigerator is none other than your moisturizer. A good formula will always refresh your skin with moisture, of course, but popping it into a mini skin fridge amplifies that fresh, revitalized feeling. Lightweight hydrators are ideal for storing in the fridge.

Tip: Beyond products, you may want to consider stowing skincare tools in the fridge. Try cooling down your jade roller before rolling it over your skin for an amazing dose of TLC. This is also a great way to apply your moisturizer. Place small dots of moisturizer on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck, then use the jade roller to help spread the formula evenly.

Hopefully all of this has helped you look at your skincare products differently, and once cooled they have added benefits.

If interested in mini fridges, there are PLENTY on the market whether just mini fridges for cans (which is what I bought) or a specific beauty fridge. Check out this link here!!


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