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Faux Leather Flounce Sheath Dress

Ann Taylor: It’s a relatively expensive brand and has a much sleeker product line as compared to other specialty retailers. Ann Taylor has a specific target market of affluent female buyers in the age group of 25-50 years

Someone asked me where I got my suit from the other day, I told them, Ann Taylor, they instantly said oooh I always think of this brand for older people… firstly I thought sh*t am I now that ‘older person’ ?! Secondly, I thought oooh maybe I just turned someone into loving Ann Taylor as much as I do!

I find it hard to shop for appropriate work clothes, I feel I’m always pushing that boundary of appropriateness – which is fine… but I LOVE how edgy their pieces can be such as the leather dress I shared above (p.s 50% off!) or their leather pants as seen below:

The Faux Leather Seamed Side Zip Legging

I find I can get some GREAT simple staple pieces such as pant suits, dresses and chic tops which allows me to mix and match my work and play attire. The quality is amazing, BUT it is more on the expensive end. So I definitely take advantage in the sales (ie right now!!!)

Blazer and pants
Pants paired with a bodysuit
Leather pants with sweater top

I’m a big Zara fan, but I think more on their jackets and dresses… where as for the chic work pieces especially suits I’m 100% loyal to Ann Taylor!


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