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I don’t need to kick off this post by saying how OBSESSED I am with beauty products, specifically skincare products because if you are a loyal reader you already know!

I recently ran out of facial serum in November, and for once I didn’t have any backups – eeeek! I was contacted by one of my favorite brands True Botanicals to try out there new ‘Renewal Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream’ and because they are the best company they sent me some other goodies. 

True Story: I have tried their Pure Radiance Oil last year, and I LOVED IT, I used every single drop, every single day morning and night and told the world about it! My skin improved from a sense of being clearer (especially time of month) and the glow was incredible. If there is one thing I get compliments on it’s my skin.


Okay, so I’ve been using the ‘Clear Balancing Anti-Aging Routine’ (retails at $296… but right now it’s down to $262!) with the ‘Renew Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream’ (retails at $78)

What is this routine good for, what will be the benefits?

·         Breakouts (exactly what I get hormonally every single period!)

·         Fine Lines & Wrinkles (yup… now I’m over 30 it’s important I use skincare that help prevent aging!)

·         Anti-Aging 

· Uneven skin tone and roughness

This is a balancing, anti-aging routine that helps to diminish breakouts and fights signs of aging. Made for oily and breakout-prone skin, it’s packed with botanicals that help to unclog pores and balance sebum. Helichrysum and black willow bark extract powers our clear nourishing cleanser to cleanse skin and exfoliate dry, dead skin – which ultimately leaves my skin feeling beyond refreshed, never stripped or unprotected. Bring back balance to the skin before applying serum with clear nutrient toner. Chebula Active Immunity Serum helps to support the skin barrier and fight off outside aggressors with the antioxidant, Chebula. Finish off with the radiance oil (this is what I’ve tried before and loved!!)

To go that one step further, they also sent me over the vitamin C Booster (retails at $90) which I add the powder to my serum before my moisturizer (which I have separate one for morning and evening). This helps give look of brighter skin (which I’ve instantly seen the results of!) and reduces appearance of dark spots.

Please note I keep the serum and eye cream in the fridge!

True Botanicals give you the option to subscribe and save (which you can cancel anytime) but it provides 15% discount.

I highly recommend, in general, whether you follow these products or not, having a routine of products that work for you skin is everything. Ensuring you wash your wash, take off all the dirt, make-up every night before bed is KEY! Our skin deserves to be looked after.


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