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Enjoy some useful tips to help you through the month of november and there after!

* always dreamed of longer and thicker lashes? all you need to do is mix coconut oil and caster oil to make a lash moisturizer and thickener.

* concealer mixed with lip gloss makes the perfect highlighter! add it t your cheeks or forehead for a beautiful radiant glow!

* mixing your foundation with a primer will give you full coverage without looking caked on. no one likes that look!

* if you are looking for super definition when applying blush place a business card diagonally under cheekbone and sweep bronzer along the top!

* if your nail color looks less vibrant on than it did in the bottle, paint a coat f white underneath first – results are amazing!

* dry brushing will help reduce cellulite and firm your skin. always remember to brush in circular motions for the best results.

* to give the illusion of a slimmer face apply bronzer in a line from the centre of your cheeks to the ear and blend in well!

enjoy ladies!! please let me know how you got on if you used any!


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