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Today’s post is going to be a shaving guide, some hints and tips for getting those legs looking great and feeling silky and smooth! Why should we just have lovely legs in summer, why not all year long? I can’t stand to feel prickly legs, especially in the cold during the winter months.

With so many tips in magazines and blogs etc, it can get confusing about what the right thing is to do. So here are a couple of tips from me to you , tried and tested 😉
1. Shave at the end of your shower/bath. If you wait until the end of your bath or shower your pores have had a lot more time to open due to the hot water. This means that your hairs will become softer, minimizing the chances of tugging any hairs.
2. Slather your body in baby oil – Before you get in the shower, smother your legs in baby oil. This acts as a shield between your legs and the razor as water doesn’t dissolve it. Your legs will be left silky smooth after.
3. No need for shaving products when you have conditioner!  I find it twice as good, it leaves your legs smelling lovely, feeling much softer and smoother and it saves your money too!
4. Find the right razor for you – If you regularly get shaving rashes try a razor with moisture strips on. While shaving your legs you’ll moisturise them at the same time, avoiding your legs becoming dry and irritated.
5. Always exfoliate before shaving – If you exfoliate before shaving the hair root will open up a lot more leaving a much closer and clean shave. As you’re removing any dead skin from the area you’ll find they’ll become much smoother too! Have a look at my post about home made Scrub!
6. Make sure you’re shaving in the right direction – As the hair on your legs grow down, shaving in the opposite direction to the hair growth will get every unwanted hair from the area shaved off completely. Shaving in the direction of the hair growth will not only leave you with unwanted hairs but will also not get as far into the hair root.
7. Make ingrown hairs a thing of the past! – Ingrown hairs are a girls worst nightmare, but simply exfoliating daily will lower the risk of getting any, how easy!
8. Use a lotion to avoid any unwanted bumps – After getting out of the bath or shower make sure that you avoid creams that contain any alpha hydroxy acids & fragrances. It will prevent you from getting any of those little red bumps that none of us like! I swear by coconut oil.
9. Avoid using soap – As soap doesn’t give out enough moisture for your shaver to happily glide on your skin you’ll have a much higher chance of cutting yourself and will also make your skin more dry afterwards.
10. – Change your razor blade often – If you don’t regularly change your razor blade the blades will become much more blunt leaving you with an unsatisfying shave and you’ll end up being much more prone to getting and cuts or little red bumps appear after.

Hope you enjoy the shaving experience now and make cuts a thing of the past ;)!


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  1. Helen Le Avatar
    Helen Le

    I actually wax but this is quite interesting!

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