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Last night while packing to go back home (ahhh can’t believe how quickly it’s come around!) I found a couple of plain dresses I’ve had hiding in the wardrobe which I just don’t feel like I make the most of them. I know it’s down to laziness – basically it’s not summer at the moment, therefore it makes outfit choices harder to put together. You ask why? In summer you can get away with wearing just hot pants and a simple t-shirt, or a strappy dress and sandals, however in the winter months this can look.. well a little bit slutty. We all know this is true so don’t even question it.

But I miss wearing simple pieces and throwing on an outfit (this is why I know I should have been born and raised in a warm climate.. thank god we relocated here!). As I had some time and love putting off jobs which I should be doing I dug deep and put together a couple of outfits. These also spruce up outfits to bring them from day to night. You easily can get away with simple plain pieces you just need to be clever about it!

DSC00263 Here is one of my favourite easy to wear jersey dresses by River Island. I sometimes wear this to work when I’m feeling skinny.. it shows off every single curve..!

I’ve added on a cute lace jacket. I’d finish off this outfit with white or nude heels. It instantly makes the dress look more dressy like I’ve gone to more effort.

Lace is my go to add on piece when I’m trying to dress up an outfit.

DSC00261This dress is a simple grey strappy dress by Primark, it was dirt cheap. Grey as we know is in this season therefore is a perfect simple way to be on trend.

I’ve added on a chiffon crop top which is see-through. This is also from Primark and I’ve had it for 5 years!

This can be worn with sandals but to bring it in to evening wear I’d add heels. Keep to light colours, Black would be far too harsh.

DSC00259LOVE LOVE LOVE this match. I couldn’t have picked any better colours. This maxi khaki dress is by Armani (bought in sale) paired with a detailed sparkly coverup by TopShop which I bought when I was 16 in a sale and have only worn once or twice.


My last little creation is an emerald green dress by ASOS paired with a disc crop top by ASOS also. This top looks great with jeans or black trousers but why couldn’t you match it with a plain dress.

Now I love this look, my husband wasn’t convinced.

My point of this article is to show you can easily mix and match colours, pieces and textures. Don’t be afraid to use what you already have and change it out. It’s too easy to go on line or go shopping but you end up forgetting what you already have.


4 responses to “Just A Simple Addition..”

  1. Helen Le Avatar
    Helen Le

    I love your tip! I also mix and match my pieces to create a new outfit.

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    1. Helen Le Avatar
      Helen Le


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    2. francenejoy Avatar

      Thats ace!! Feel free to share or post pictures! I love getting ideas!!!

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      1. Helen Le Avatar
        Helen Le

        Sure! I’m hoping to make an OOTD soon on it!

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