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What I would give for gorgeous lips like Angelina Jolie but I’m certainly not willing to go through surgery, pump my body full of fillers or spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just natural products for the same effect? Here are a couple of tips to create similar results but shhh…! They are top secret!


Do you know that the secret ingredient that most of the expensive lip plumper’s have in them is cinnamon oil? Cinnamon oil works by stimulating blood flow, which makes it the perfect (natural) lip-plumping agent. The more you add the more your lips will tingle and plump. It stimulates your lips capillaries and enhances blood flow, making your lips look fuller and rosier… voila natural plump lips!

Add a couple drops of peppermint oil to a couple teaspoons of coconut oil. Apply to your lips. Apply any lipstick after the peppermint oil has been absorbed. Peppermint essential works in the same way as the cinnamon oil – it improves circulation and brings more blood to the surface of your lips. It causes lips to swell slightly and has a perfect cooling effect. Not only does peppermint swell and redden your lips, it also acts as a muscle relaxant, so your lips will look relaxed and not tight. This will further add to the fullness of your lips.

So now you can enjoy juicy lips for a fraction of the price and doing it the natural way


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