a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

  This week has been a huge struggle to remain positive – factors included in my struggle;
– husband was working away

– lovely lady time (love this every month!) 

– work has been hard, demanding and in this environment everyone is out for themselves which just doesn’t sit right with me 

– social life / gym – nothing!! It’s fully taken a back seat which results in me feeling fat, gross, uninterested in my friends which couldn’t be further from truth ! 

Sometimes as a lady it’s hard not to fall into the mood where everyone is annoying you! I’ve cried about 5 times this week (hmmm maybe more) I’ve lost my temper about 3 times (out loud trust me inside I lost it more than just that three!) I’m currently in the car, passenger seat with my headphones in writing this because my husband is annoyed we left late (because yet again I was late home from work) and he’s missing fishing time with the boys (we are off to lake Conroe) 

#struggleisreal… Literally the above is ALL I have to complain about! I really really try and pull myself outside of the situations and look onto them differently because frankly life could be worse! 

Yes I may have lost my rag at work, snapped at my hubby, yes maybe I’m frustrated with family members for never ever reaching out to just in general see how we are doing because they are too consumed with their own lives because it’s sometimes hard to wander through life yourself or as a pair. 

My husband actually sent me through a cute poem the other day which basically said He didn’t want to marry me for the good times but for the hard times where he will have his soul mate there holding his hand. 

Just remember it can always always be worse. You just have to breathe in and out and look around you at all the good 

I am glad this week is behind me : positives I’ve taken away 

– medical for green card is completed – one step closer to it 

– a person in my life who is usually selfish looked past himself on a situation 

– we are off to lake Conroe 

– I was given the opportunity to listen to Bill Higgs present 

– bought the cutest pair of Zara heels…. #spoilt 

If you do one thing today I want you to write down the good this week. We should be reflecting on the good daily! 

Peace out I’m ready for the weekend 


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