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As some of you may already be aware I started a new job at the end of last year – which I have to state I’m enjoying every second of it even though my brain hurts with all the extra information I’m cramming into it!
The question most frequently asked is ‘how do you find working with your husband? Do you both car share? Do you go for lunch together?’

I’m far from embarrassed that I find myself working for the same company as my husband, but feel very very grateful for the opportunity. And typically, just like my role offshore and then stepping into a shore based position I find myself working harder, not for the same reasons but to prove myself that I’m not just ‘somebodies other half’. However, it’s a refreshing move and I’ve received a lot of internal support – and I would like to think is because of me and not because of my husband works there. 

I’ve done a little bit of research on spouses working together, and read a number of articles where both sides hate it. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m 5 months into this position so I will put a note in my calendar to follow up on how I feel in a year BUT I wanted to maybe change some of these negative views.

So firstly – no we don’t car share, secondly we do have lunch together but typically it’s been because we are in the process of buying a house or if it’s a lunch with other colleagues, and thirdly nope we are not joined at the hip. Our roles are similar in the fact we both work in sales, opposite in the fact he sits over his product line and clients and I have one client over all product lines. So yes there is cross over in our roles, and fourthly we do not sit next to one another – in fact we are actually on different floors! Lastly, I LOVE working with my husband.  

Reasons why I (currently) enjoy it:

· I have always very much respected my husband, personally and professionally. And to see him in presentations, around clients and how coworkers feel about him makes me respect him more (if that’s possible)

· We are pretty similar (I’m maybe more positive than him) so I very much enjoy his opinion on things, whether it’s presentations, or preparation for a meeting he knows the industry, knows the company so can give me very good advice.

· He gets to see how I am at work – and hopefully will feel the same as me.

· He shuts me down if I’m being dramatic or emotional because he knows the situation and will call me out on it – this is helpful! I feel in the past it was too easy to get caught up in a situation. I don’t like it – BUT it’s helpful.

· We bounce off each other – and we are like that socially, personally and now professionally.

• People in these so-called “work-linked” couples may have a better understanding of the stresses of their spouse’s job because they face similar pressures themselves, and they may be able to share specialized knowledge to help solve work-related problems. In a 2006 study, work-linked couples reported a closeness that they said had benefited their marriage.

Now, because I’m in this situation I can maybe give a couple of ‘don’ts’ which are just my opinion…..

· Be joined at the hip – as you are living together, socialising AND working together you need that break. Luckily, I feel it’s been an easy transition because we both have different hobbies, different sets of friends, both on business trips etc you need to have YOU time

· If I’m asked any work questions about him I tell that person to go direct to him… I’m not his keeper nor is he mine and work colleagues need to know this too

· Limit what you say regarding your relationship/personal life. I’m pretty closed off when it comes to divulging every detail about my/our personal life and I feel my husband is the same BUT this is just important to remember.

Hope this sheds some positive light on a situation people usually raise an eyebrow too! 


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