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No matter how much we all love high heels (or so we say), there’s one thing we can all agree on: they are EXHAUSTING. They look great, but by the end of the day and/or night, you’re practically limping home, or, if you’re me, you’ve shamelessly removed them and find yourself walking home barefoot on some sort of surface of questionable cleanliness. 

Now I try to stick to heels during working hours and at the weekends/evenings I find myself graviting to my converse, sandals or sneakers. HOWEVER, this season it’s all about being practical and comfortable. If you walk into any highstreet stores at the moment you will see Slingbacks EVERYWHERE!


These slingback flats are the perfect compromise between style and comfort. These are your ‘spring-go-to’ shoes! Who’d have thought a slingback could be so chic, but designers showed and proved as models stomped the catwalk in slingback pumps and flats.


Now if you are looking for higher end styles, you NEED Dior in your life, these shoes are hot! For more affordable choices H&M and Zara have great styles to choose from. I love the satin style, you can get away with wearing these to a spring/summer wedding. Leather look is great flat for work.


Love it when a trend is not only on point but is comfortable!


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