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Had a jam packed day visiting some of the museums, lunch at Hotel Zaza (sooo amazing) then polished off with a trip to the Astros game ⚾️ which they won!! 
I’m just now settled in bed reading this months Cosmopolitan and one of the features is in the Style section is ‘all-star combos’ one of which is Little Black Dress and Sneakers. Well I’m obviously ahead of the trend because this was my exact outfit this evening (but I added orange quilted jacket… I mean can’t go to Astros game without wearing something orange!) 
This is a simple, easy outfit which looks fabulous!! 
Converse white sneakers

LBD from Express 

Quilted jacket from ASOS


2 responses to “LBD & Sneakers ”

  1. bluerustedrobot Avatar

    This looks so pretty but I don’t think I could pull something like this off, hahaha. I’ll try it one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. francenejoy Avatar

      For sure you could :))


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