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Confidence Booster, not! 
Since I photographed myself at the end of 2016 after laying off the gym for a couple of months I felt horrified at my body’s shape. 
And please don’t get my wrong it wasn’t my clothes size that made me sad it’s how untoned and unfit I felt. So since then I have been busting my ass at the gym trying to get it back. As a human I feel there will always be that part of your body which bothers you – for me it’s my tummy and nose. It will always be that way for me but I have learnt to love my unique look and work harder at the gym to get to my goal bod for me. 
Anyways, I was browsing round h&m yesterday and they had a sale on their bikini bottoms – my enthusiasm for the sale waned behind the dressing room door.
99% percent of my wardrobe is a size 4 and so, naturally, that’s the size I grabbed at H&M. Sometimes because of my butt I slip to a size 6, which I’m happy with. 
Now, I couldn’t get the size 4 bottoms on. Then I tried the size 6 and honestly it cut my waste off at such a point drew attention to my stomach that screamed muffin top 😩 so then I grabbed the size 8… which is a U.K. 12… they just fit comfortably 

I mean, I get you might differ a size but TWO! Wtf H&M…!! When you go shopping you are meant to feel good about yourself not bad! How can such a global establishment get away with this?! Their sizes just seem wrong. 
I appreciate us ladies need to get to a point in our adulthood where we just accept our size, bodies, lumps and bumps so it shouldn’t matter what the number says on the clothing label but why can’t everyone just use universal sizes to cut this problem out?! 
Has anyone had this issue when trying on clothes in H&M? Tell me!!!


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