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As y’all know by now I LOVE trying out new skin care products. Prior to moving to the states I would typically use BodyShop for my skin care needs, then I started experimenting with different brands especially once I started getting my subscription for Ipsy.

The only time my skin gets a little stressed out and flares up is when I’m on my period (I will get one HUGE pimple which takes about a week to go away!) or when I’m upset, I get pimples round my chin.

I love anything basic, organic and healthy – I want something that is natural for my skin, not filled with a load of unhealthy chemicals. My mum recently came out to visit me and brought with her the full Tropic Skin Care collection for me to try out. I was very sceptical firstly because I’ve never heard of it, and secondly because sadly you can only buy it from the UK)

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What did my mama bring me?

  • Smoothing Cleanser – complexion purifier
  • Skin Revive – nourishing cream concentrate
  • Face Smooth – brightening polish

Use twice a week to brighten up your skin

  • Vitamin Toner – Pore Refining Mist
  • Eye Refresher – Cooling roll on

This remains in my fridge so I can use it in the mornings and evenings to give my eyes some relief.

  • Organic Elixir Oil

My favourite item of the entire skincare. I LOVE oil moisturisers and I have tried SOO many, but this one is brilliant and smells ridiculously good!

Blog 4

  • Feel Fresh – Smoothing Deodorant
  • Body Love – Firming Buttercream

Perfect for stretch marks – great timing for a growing tummy!

  • Lip Cream – Vitamin C

Now I’m just going to be focusing on the main facial skin care products for this review. But I’m sure you will be hearing more about these fabulous products!

The first thing that attracted me to this product is the ingredients and I love how Tropic Skin Care actually tell you what the ingredients are there for and what they are going to do to improve your skin – it makes it a lot easier to understand. So, it has natural extracts of Rosehip to nourish and renew, Vitamin E to repair and protect, Wild Berries to revitalise, Sea Kelp to improve skin elasticity and Shea Butter, to soften skin. I love how many berry and fruit ingredients this product has, even reading them makes me feel refreshed.. Blueberry, Raspberry, Organic Grapefruit Seed, Sweet Orange, to name just a few – it is like a fruit bowl of vitamins all for your face.. healthy, organic and definitely one of your five-a-day!

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Not only has it got all the correct ingredients to make me instantly love it, it is incredibly easy to use. I apply in the morning before makeup and in the evening before I go to bed. My current routine, which I have been doing for a week now and my skin is glowing (not just with the pregnancy) brightening polish every second/third day. The consistency feels quite rough, but it is very effective and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I love the way it makes my skin feel and I noticed the brightening effect after a couple of uses. The scrub does an amazing job at buffing away all dead skin cells, leaving my face clean, smooth and glowing! Muslin cloths are my best friend and remove most dead skin cells, but 3-4 times a week I need something extra. smoothing cleanser (taking it off with a cloth) vitamin toner, facial oil then I leave this on for about 10 minutes while I’m letting the dogs out, sorting my outfit and bag for work, then I apply a little bit of their moisturizer cream.

Now, results. Firstly the smell of this lives up to the ingredients… it’s slightly fruity and very refreshing – a smell that you wouldn’t get bored of. These skincare products are amazing for all ages and skin types. The price is very reasonable and a little goes a long way, so this will now be my go to skin care products! Thank you mum for this recommendation and skin care goody package!


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