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Oh my goodness I needed to do a separate post to just say how super excited I am that House of CB (Which stands for House of Celebrity Boutique) is being stocked in TopShop at our very own Galleria store! If you go through the store to the back you will see their gorgeous section!

I barely ever go into TopShop here in the states, mainly because it’s so damn expensive. Anything American is affordable, but anything British they add so much more to the price tag which is frustrating as TopShop was my equivalent to H&M.

Anyways, sooo worth stopping by to check out these unique (maybe not the best word as they are not one offs!) dresses – think of Herve Legder but affordable and GORGEOUS! I mean they way these dresses make your body look it’s wonderful. Last time I felt that great in a dress was when I tried on La Perla (yes it’s a underwear store!) black dress which was one size fits all (no idea how as the biggest it went to was a B-Cup!) and it cost $600 – but I debated it because of how it make me feel!

Now House of CB (which p.s you can go through their website and search online) is a huge favourite of celebrities stateside, and I’m not talking B-List I’m talking Kardashian list! They are all pretty tight fitted, leather, lycra rubber, lace… very sexy and very much OTT – if you want to make a statement then look no further!

I’ve taken a picture of a couple of dresses which have the WOW factor! Go have a look for yourself and try stuff on!



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