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This is an early post, but I just feel so much love that I’m about to explode so figured this filter that love! So if you are in a bad mood, hate life, feel sad etc then maybe just skip this post…. that was my nice warning FYI!

So its an exciting week for the Davidson’s, Mr. Davidson is finishing his time with the company (not sure where you have been but I jumped on the band wagon this time last year joined the same company and we have been working together, well I say together maybe best phrase is there is cross over within our roles, ever since!) on Tuesday and will be starting his new job and new adventure on Monday! I’m SOOO excited for him, as much as I’m pretty sad to see him go as a colleague but woohooo!!

Many of my friends, and strangers who we have met over the course of this year have questioned us working together, or made a face and instantly said “oh god I couldn’t work with my husband” and don’t get me wrong I was a little worried that we would fight, or not get on, or I would realize he wasn’t very good at his job OR worse he would think I wasn’t good and then you lose respect, plus mixing work with personal life, I mean it’s never good right… WRONG!

It has been the BEST experience, not only have I learnt so much from him but he has been so supportive of me. How many people can say they know what their hubby is like at work? I mean half of couples I bet don’t ever know what their partners do day to day, but I do now and I respect him and love him so much more because he is AWESOME! So good luck to Mr Davidson!! I hope they appreciate his beard in the new work place!

Another excitement is it’s THANKSGIVING on Thursday! Yay, I honestly love this time of year, not only does it feel a little bit more Christmassy BUT I just love how I feel about everyone around us here in Houston – we have been here for three and a half years and I love it more and more every year. It is the BEST thing we ever could have done together. I am honestly so thankful for our lives we have, the opportunities we have been given, the friends we have, our health, our lifestyle, each other. I’m just extremely happy, and I wish it didn’t take a holiday to remind us all of this.

Now, I have officially announced it on Social media but I haven’t officially posted about it on Choos And Fashion Doos Blog – which is crazy as I’m now 17 weeks pregnant today! I can’t believe I’m halfway through, its terrifying! I’m going to stick with my thankful mind and not go off on a tangent on how the morning sickness is driving me crazy and I just want to wake up not feeling like I’ve gone on a huge binge drinking session the night before, but WITHOUT THE FUN! We are overly excited to meet our baby girl at the end of April 2018 – I guess I still have time to grow up, become more responsible and learn how to cook – which p.s I’m progressing nicely in this department….! Seriously, I’m not lying ask my hubby!

We did a little Christmas shoot for us and bump so here are a couple of pictures that I wanted to share with you all 🙂 I’m super proud of my little bump, and I know she will have the BEST dad ever, why do I know this? because he is the best husband!

P.s the dress I’m wearing is from Target (I’m not into maternity stuff AS YET) and the hat is from Alaska, unbranded, Booties are Jimmy Choo

What are you thankful for this holiday season?


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