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  1. Morning sickness is when you FEEL sick and nauseas – Hyperemesis Gravidarum is CONSTANT sickness (14 weeks and counting y’all)
  2. Did you know your feet size can change permanently?! Praying this doesn’t happen to me, what will I do with my collection – my feet are big enough!
  3. Your husband is a lot nicer to you – I like this part J
  4. Ice Cream is justified as a meal (in my pregnancy eyes!)
  5. Le Tote do pregnancy options – which is amazing if you don’t want to spend heaps of money on clothes you won’t be wearing again
  6. Our bodies are magnificent machines with their own high intelligence – as much as it’s scary to see my body change daily I love the changes as I know I’m creating a beautiful nest for my cub bug!
  7. You will get ALLLL sorts of advice and stories – I try to filter and good ones and laugh awkwardly at the bad ones and pray that same story doesn’t happen to me! Everyone is different, and not every pregnancy and birth is the same – so just go with it!
  8. Belly touchers exist and walk among us – CRAZY how many people touch your belly! And so early on! I mean she is soooo small and don’t get me wrong my belly is sooo big but what are they feeling?!
  9. People asking sympathetically “how you’re doing” – well me anyways because they know how badly I’ve been sick. And I try really hard to answer ‘ yes doing much better’ even though I spent the entire night before puking into the toilet with a headache crying to my hubby! “it will get better” when she’s here?!
  10. The awkward “fat” stage – There is a point in the beginning of the pregnancy where you don’t look pregnant but you don’t look like yourself either. You know you are at this point when people respond at your pregnancy announcement “I thought you gained some weight but I assumed it was because of x, y or z” or “I thought you are, but didn’t want to ask” – or when they just outright ask you because as my friend said ‘it’s pretty obvious!’

What did you learn during your pregnancy?!



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