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Okay so Thanksgiving has been and gone… now it’s countdown for CHRISTMAS!!!!


Not sure about you but I LOVE this time of year, even if it’s not obvious as we never put up decorations (being expats and going away every Christmas it’s just not the same for us… UNTIL next year comes and we will have this bundle of love bugs first Christmas so we, well I will go Crazy!) and we go away for Christmas – but to New York the most magical Christmas town in the world – in my humble opinion!


But seriously I adore this time of year as you have the opportunity to reflect on the previous year, take some vacation (YUSSSS I have two FULL weeks off and I literally cannot wait!!) relax, reorganise your life – from cleaning out your house to your office desk, then to put a plan of action together for next year to start the next year the best possible way! I love how the temperatures drop so it’s a fabulous excuse to wear all your winter cosy clothes, and fur (faux fur I might add before I upset anyone!) hot chocolate, warm soup… oh I could go on and on… Only thing I miss about being away from Scotland is the snow – it’s too damn hot in Houston!


I have had another GREAT year, to be honest I think every year is good even if something sad has happened – I really try hard to find positives in everything even if sometimes it feels impossible. I started a new job which I am enjoying so much, HUUUGGEEE learning curve but I’m loving it and feeling much more confident, my husband just started his new job which is exciting, he did his first power lifting comp (yes that’s right my husband is officially a power lifter!) we are expecting a baby girl which I’m super pumped about and still scared especially the more stories I hear about labour! Our families came over to stay with us and explore more of our life here and see our new home which we moved into in May (still lots to do but it’s looking more like home every day) we have had the best year enjoying our friendships! Definitely this year I have realised who our great friends are, who our friends are, and who are our acquaintances and It took me a while to get my head about this because my friends mean the world to me and I NEED friends in my life, I’m not the sort of people who is happy lone wolf, I need my girl support. I’m just so damn happy and I honestly hope you all can look at the past year, despite the challenges or difficulties and see how amazing each year is on this earth and how we all have so much to be thankful for. Next year I think I need to show it more as I do sometimes fall into the trap of complaining about silly things but I think as long as you appreciate some situations are unchangeable then you learn to accept them the way they are whether people or challenges.


So I want to end on this note, I need some help! As I have the last two weeks off in December, one week will be in New York but the other I want to explore Houston – what would you recommend me doing? I really want to go find all the colourful art walls, have amazing food and FOR SURE iPIC (early showing on a week day HELL YES!) SO tell me what things you LOVE to do in Houston to give me inspiration please!


And please, even if you are having a bad day just reflect on all the good around you and it should make you feel more comforted. Life is great, it’s only bad when you allow it to be.


P.s Beauty make-up product I am LOVING right now is Anastasia Matte Lip ‘Milkshake’ as a base colour on my lips paired with my new Ipsy Matte colour Manna Kadar ‘all of me’ for the inner part – usually I would do these colours the other way round, pretending I know how to contour my lips haha but this way round it looks beautiful!


…AND one of my friends gave me a very ME gold bracelet, it’s so simple but pretty. I have worn it every day since she gave me it – thank you thank you thank you!!


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