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Oh my gosh it’s been so busy at work so far this year, my vacation over the festive break seems like a distant memory now! I’m counting down the days until the next public holiday (seen as I’m saving all my vacation days for maternity leave!) for a day at the cinema with my hubby – I know we won’t be able to do that for a while once the cub is here!

Don’t know about you, but the whole #newyearnewme is just silly, I feel everyone puts far too much pressure on themselves to hit the gym everyday (after avoiding it for most of the year), cutting out everything good in their diets and having an alcohol free month… to me you are asking for your body to go into shock, feel even more tired than normal, get sick and count down the days until February the 1st arises and you can pile back on the weight, stop going to gym and binge drink!

Consistency is the key! Doing what you can to feel good from the inside out! I’m struggling to gain motivation in the gym, so when I’m feeling like this, and usually these are the days where I just want pizza and ice cream, I make sure I go outside for a walk, if my hubby can’t join me I will call a friend to catch up or family member back home. It’s a nice break PLUS I am getting exercise and it usually makes me feel better. My goal is to exceed 10,000 steps a day, which you think is easy but it’s not when I have my BD days stuck in the office and I end up working through lunch. This is my commitment to myself, that if I don’t feel like working out, I will find another more pain free way to work out and be active!

Everything in moderation. This is with regards to food diet and alcohol. Granted I’ve never been a big drinker, but when I was in my early 20’s I LOVED wine, and drinking with my girlfriends. I would spend the rest of the weekends in bed throwing up cause I loved it so much!! As I got older I realised my body hates it, so I started to cut down to only drinking one night a week, then I realised I didn’t need drink to have a good time, so on that one night I would just have a glass, then I would only drink once a month… which was good as it eased me into pregnancy cold turkey and I haven’t missed it at all. Food is the same, experiment so you are not always craving fast foods, but your mouth is watering thinking about a nice freshly cooked meal with greens or a delicious salad, yes they can be!


So stop this whole #newyearnewme and just be YOU, the best version you can be, with the ice cream scoops, glasses of wine and days where you miss the gym!




One response to “Stop with the #Newyearnewme!”

  1. anabanana Avatar

    So much yes. My thoughts exactly, and if you want to make changes any day will be fine!

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