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Oh my goodness already my dear friend had her baby girl, next up is my friend who is due mid-March… then it’s me! Feel like countdown is well and truly on – I’m dreading turning the page in my work calendar as then I will be able to say ‘next month I’m having a baby’ well unless she is fashionably late of course!

So I wanted to just take this opportunity to update y’all on my pregnancy and how it’s going. I also read an article from one of the bloggers who I follow and she did an overview when she was 38 weeks, so decided to do something similar but earlier! I really wish I was tracking this pregnancy in more detail, as I’m trying to enjoy every single moment as I know I’m going to miss my bump, and feeling her all the time, but at the same time it will be bittersweet as I’m looking forward to not being sick anymore!


Here goes!

Weight added so far…

Started off 128lbs – currently I’m 144lbs which is a total of 16lbs!

Due to sickness at the start, I was actually 134lbs when I fell pregnant then I dropped down to 128lbs before my first official appointment. I found it near impossible to put on weight, and it made me feel extremely guilty. Thankfully I have an awesome doctor who made me feel at ease, and ‘normal’ and just told me to enjoy lots of Ice Cream… HELL YES!

Stretch Marks…

None as yet… well that I can visibly see! I’ve been using Burts Bee’s tummy cream that my friend gave me, and also Palmers cocoa butter – both creams are super thick and have helped my skin so much. I went through a couple of weeks of having super dry, very sore skin, but both these creams worked wonders!

Maternity clothes…

I’m LOVING Le Tote – oh my goodness it has solved my work dilemma problems on WTF can I wear today that fits, especially the bigger I’m getting! In-between using Le Tote I have a couple of stretchy pencil dresses which I bought from Miss Guided one size up (size 6). My dear friend gave me three pairs of maternity jeans (I will be forever grateful) and cute maternity tees… so I’ve been using them along with my trusted leggings throughout. My size hasn’t changed, but for sure my boobs have! I’m also living in maternity comfortable bras!


Hmm… what sleep?! I’ve been told the reason you don’t get much sleep during pregnancy is to prepare you for motherhood.. yeah that sucks! I used to be the person who would fall asleep STRAIGHT away as soon as my head hit the pillow. Now I find myself lying awake for hours, or waking up during the night not being able to get back to sleep. I have a great maternity pillow which I’m using to support my bump but honestly even just turning over or getting out of bed is SUCH an effort!

Cub’s movements…

This cub is an enthusiastic little baby! My goodness, anytime I stop for a second she moves around. Especially in the evenings – she is kicking frantically. I could be wrong, but it feels like she has moved round (she was in breech position) as I feel the pressure in my ribs! Hubby LOVES placing his hand on my tummy to feel her! Its heart-warming to see.

Food Cravings…

Ice Cream, Sweets and Coke… how fricking shocking is that?! I used to hate ice cream, I barely ever had sweets and coke I used to drink once a week… I’m not overly happy with this diet, BUT I mean if the baby wants it who am I to deny?! Lately, especially in the evenings I’ve been craving milk!


Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a complication of pregnancy that is characterized by severe nausea and vomiting such that weight loss and dehydration occur. Signs and symptoms may include vomiting several times a day and feeling faint. It is more severe than morning sickness.

^^ Yup, that’s what I’ve been enjoying ever since week 4 – basically the minute I found out! I have had some peace since I hit 26 weeks, it’s certainly not been as severe but I wake up nearly every morning feeling, what can only be described as Hungover AF and I throw up twice, or three times. Then by 10am I’m usually feeling better.

I’ve also been suffering from horrible headaches and migraines. Only thing that’s helped a little bit is peppermint oil on my temples and just going to sleep!

Preparation of baby cubs room…

So we have painted the room, three walls are a cute candyfloss pink colour, then one wall is grey with the Taurus star installation (my hubby is so talented!). Canvas’s I ordered just arrived yesterday so hubs will be hanging them up along with unicorn head (obv not a real one.. LOL). We literally have no furniture, we will be buying it all in one (my poor bank account) in Mid-March, but I have been picking up bits and pieces.

Exercise Routine…

Urgh what routine?! Honestly, I used to LOVE going to the gym, and I LOVED lifting weights. For all those women out there to keep up their weight and gym routine I high five you! I just can’t, It doesn’t even feel like my body, nor do I feel capable, plus I just worry I’m going to hurt her.

SO I have made it my mission to walk 5k (3.3 miles) a day, whether round my neighbourhood (which is awesome at this time of year) or it’s in the gym. Then if I’m in the game that day I will add other exercises. I’m trying to remain as active as possible so my body doesn’t lose that much muscle (okay who am I kidding it’s all gone!) or it won’t be shock to system once I head back to gym (in like a year!!!)

Pregnancy top tips so far…

Honestly, as much as the sickness feels like normal everyday life to me now, I really really LOVE being pregnant (I won’t lie I threw up on my heel just before an event at the weekend and I yelled to my hubby how much I hated it, but I didn’t mean it!!!) I love my bump, and I’m amazed by the female body! It’s such a beautiful experience and I feel blessed every single day! So my advice would be to embrace your changing body and enjoy pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I ask my husband ‘do I look fat’ or ‘oh my gosh I’m sooo big’ but I don’t grudge it.

The other thing I will say, and actually my friend texted me the other day as she was worried I was comparing myself to other pregnant people, which I guess I was, and again my hormones are running all over the place so it’s hard to control! But is just concern yourself with YOURSELF! You and Bump are only things that matter, and everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. I appreciate having great people in my life that I can have REAL conversations with!

Also, I mentioned above, but hormones… they are real! I cried the other day at work due to a colleague being mean, I NEVER would have done that before, I’ve flipped out at my hubby over NOTHING like twice … I just can’t control it, BUT I recognise this isn’t me nor normal for me. So I guess as long as you don’t lose touch of reality and you have a good partner to keep you on track you will be alright, but it’s OK to have these moments. Your body is going through a lot. Let your tears out!


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