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I had a lot of ‘lovey dovey’ posts this month…why?! I mean I obviously love my hubs but this month in particular is OUR month! It’s the month we met, became official and got married plus it includes Valentine’s Day AND pancake day! I mean it’s truly the best month!

Now, I’ve been holding off on writing this post because I wanted to make sure I had truly tested the newest addition to my beauty routine.

Yes… my hubby is the BEST! I received the dyson hairdryer for our anniversary this year! I know, y’all are super jealous! I know this because my friend got one in January and I was green with envy, especially after getting a blow out at my favorite salon USING THE DYSON!!

So is it worth the price tag? $400 😲

Well firstly, my hair 9/10 looks messy. I’m never going to be that girl who has perfect hair BECAUSE I never had a dyson… only kidding but it’s because my hair is either SUPER curly or it’s frizzy. No matter if I blow dry and straighten it goes frizzy the minute I go outside.

The right side of my hair has been blow dry and the left is natural.

What really makes the Dyson stand out is it’s completely different is it’s shape. Unlike most hairdryers, it keeps it’s motor / power in the handle rather than in the head of the dryer, which makes it much lighter and more manageable to hold. Meaning you don’t need to take as many breaks! It also means the design of the hairdryer is much smaller and more compact and so much easier to travel with!

It comes with three different heads you can attach, one large one for naturally curly hair, and two smaller ones (one slightly wider than the other) that you can use depending on how you want your hair style to turn out. The bigger nozzle I use just to dry and leave my hair wavy, the smaller nozzle I use for the more sleek look.

The Dyson has completely changed my haircare routine and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble drying their hair, or like me SICK TO DEATH of my hair being instantly frizzy, losing its shape or taking forever to dry! Like I used to DREAD drying my hair I would avoid it.

Now I feel so much happier with my hair. I actually enjoy styling it now (its only been 2 weeks!) and it looks much slicker. I’ve attached some pictures of how my hair has been… you might not be too impressed but for me it’s a HUGE change!

Even though it has a huge price tag, I think it is absolutely 100% worth it.

What are your favourite hairdryers at the moment? Is one on your wishlist? Do you hate blowdrying your hair?


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