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Last week was a crazy busy work week… every morning I was waking up with ridiculous bags under my eyes … they were so dark 😳 I honestly started to believe that would be it moving forward all the time – I tried eye creams, cooling eye rollers and HEAPS of concealer… but still there!

Then I enjoyed my day off on Friday, actually had a good sleep and instantly they are gone! It’s honestly not a miracle, you just need to be conscious of what your skin is telling you! 


Erm much better yesterday and NO FILTER!! !!

So with the babies arrival looming I wanted to add in some tips which we have followed and may help out pregnant families!

Sort your budget

Before you go racing ahead with all the things you want to buy it’s best to get your money in order. Make a budget to figure out just how much disposable cash you’ll have each month, making allowances for your income change when you’re on maternity leave. Then you’ll know whether you can really afford those baby Louboutins! We decided to wait until near end to start buying things to ensure we have enough $$ for the check list on our ‘wish list’. We went with babies r us registry so 6 weeks before arrival date they gave us 15% off completion of registry so we ended up saving over $500! As soon as I became pregnant I had two direct debits into savings account a month along with what other cash I can save… remember no pay throughout 12 weeks off (if you are like me!) and you still need to live, car payments, benefits, medical bills which will trickle in and then once you go back to work you have day care payment!

Budget is the key!!!



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