a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Getting into the summer fashion spirit for a shopping trip today (be proud I only bought Living Proofs Dry Shampoo!) L O V E bright colors and my nude Chinese Laundry sandals!

So pregnancy tip number 2 (remember the budget tip I gave y’all yesterday?!) DONT waste your $$ on maternity clothes that you won’t wear again! It’s just 9 months…! My tip ask your girlfriends if they still have some maternity clothes and if you can borrow. My friends donated 2 pairs of skinny jeans (average $80 per pair) and some dresses and tees… then I’ve been using Le Tote for my work and occasion outfits. So far I’m 8 months pregnant and started this in December at $74 all in every month. I’ve had 10 le totes in 4 months which is 2.5 a month … outfits enough for an average of 2 weeks out the month! Price total during this time $296… remember 2 pairs of maternity jeans average $80… what about baby shower dress?! I had 3 baby showers … all Le tote! TRUST me money SAVED!!!


When it comes to budget you need to factor in your clothes not fitting! I’ve been lucky that my clothes size hasn’t changed just the bump in the way!!!


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