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With supermodels like Gigi Hadid rocking the leggings and booties look I’m thinking why can’t us ‘non supermodel ladies’ pull off this look also. Obviously I know our typical 9-to-5 (I mean who honestly works 9-5 nowadays?!) is not the same as their model schedule but I can’t help but wonder why can’t we be more risky when it comes to office wear?!

When it comes to work I’m now bored of wearing dresses and blazer, I want to spice it up with pant and skirt suits, cute tops, blazers and cotton jackets! I want to add statement accessories to glam up outfits! In actuality, I’m feeling like this because I’m nearly at the end of pregnancy and I have not a lot of options! I’m dreaming about all the fabulous outfits I will rock once I’m back in the office!

So when it comes to leggings and booties, how can we get away with wearing this past HR? Firstly, I think your butt should be covered! either by wearing a longer top, shirt or over sized blazer, long cardigan. Secondly, we have so many legging options like zippers, leather stripes, different patterns that it doesn’t need to be the typical black nearly see-through leggings!

High Street Brands like Zara are my go to for more ‘work appropriate’ leggings! Here are some options I’m loving…!!

Zara Zip Leggings  


Hue Simply Stretch Ankle-Zip Leggings
Zara Coated Leggings
Forever 21 Zip-Pocket Leggings

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