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Robe is from Milkmaid Goods along with matching swaddle set for Luna Rose!

Happiest of Mothers days to all you beautiful amazing mama’s out there! This is my first mothers day with our baby cub and I couldn’t be prouder, or love her anymore! I am so lucky to also have a great husband, best friend and partner who has been an incredible support to us both – he can have his moment when fathers day comes around!

I really wanted to dedicate this post to my daughter, who is officially 3 weeks and 1 day old! As much as I’m exhausted, I literally can’t deal with napping during the day as I have a fear of missing out on her expressions, or movements. She’s growing bigger everyday and becoming so much more alert. It’s incredible to watch. We have our family joining us over the next 8 weeks which we are excited about and also blessed that they are coming over to help and meet their first grand daughter – I know she’s going to be so lovely and spoilt!

So here are a couple of our new born photos which I wanted to share, perfect timing for today! I hope all you mamas are truly spoilt today – I know I will be 🙂


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