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Oh my goodness have you checked out the temps in Houston for this week? Hot damn summer is here! Cub is officially reached over 7.5lbs which means I can start carrying her around which will help me slowly get back into shape (6lbs to go until pre baby weight woohooo! hopefully that means my trousers will fit.. or my hips have changed forever eeek!!) and enjoy the sunshine.

I spoke so much throughout my pregnancy about missing wearing trousers and skirts… and this skirt in particular Suede skirt from Bevello which I bought late summer then didn’t fit into it anymore so only got the chance to wear it once… such a waste! It’s going to be one of my staples this summer!

I paired it with Red Loubs, white Katie Luxton clutch and white target light sweater. It would look beautiful with a simple tank or dressed up with a more ‘going out’ top. For this look I tried to keep it simple.

Katie Luxton have gorgeous colors and caption clutch options, along with a bridal range I highly recommend for bargain prices.

I think I’m going to be addicted to wearing skirts and trousers until the end of the year, I’m so over dresses!!! Maybe the loubs aren’t as sensible holding a baby!!





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