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The spring/ summer 2018 print trends are both inspiring and interesting with patterns that really flatter the figure and control the flow of the eye. Wearing prints and patterns is supposed to be a fun part of getting dressed. Finding the perfect print is like finding the perfect accessory. I’m carrying on my post love of summer skirts from yesterday, as I copied a Houston blogger today who posted a picture of an adorable Gap floral skirt which was on sale for $29 (reduced from $50!!) so it got me thinking of the floral trend.

Soft florals are so very in for summer 2018! – heard it here first!They are romantic, floating and printed on floaty materials to emphasize the romantic and airy appeal of their softness.

These soft floral prints in bright and soft summer and spring shades were seen on airy chiffon through several different runways shows.

So how to dress your floral print? You can go cray cray and match it with another floral print if you want to live on the fashion edge, or with a tank top, sweater and blazer. I purchased a nice off the shoulder navy blue top from Gap (also in the sale) to pair with the floral top.


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