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I’ve been watching a UK reality show called ‘The Only Way is Essex’ (when I say watching it, I’m literally like 21 seasons watched out of 21… and I’ve only been on maternity leave for 4 weeks… crazy right?! I’m scared about having withdrawals!) and all the girls wear a crazy about of make-up including huge fake eyelashes or extentions. As you may already know, I hate wearing make-up in general and have avoid foundation for a couple of years now, so fake eyelashes have never been on my radar.

When it came to my wedding day, I wanted the bigger eye lashes look but I didn’t want to wear fake eyeslashes or douce my eyes in mascara.. plus I would hate to get extensions and ruin my natural lashes. So was told about lash lift and tinting. My lashes aren’t short, they are pretty long so when I curl them they look amazing but the curl doesn’t last. I wanted a maintenance free look!


Like the name would suggest, an eyelash perm is a chemical treatment that adds semi permanent curl to your lashes for weeks and even months at a time. Think of it as a mini version of the hair perm sported in the 90’s! This process is also referred to as a lash lift. The price for this ranges from salons, with some not doing this. When I got it done, I can’t explain the difference it made to my eyes. I tint my lashes blue black every 6 weeks, so I didn’t need to wear mascara, it was the perfect change to make my eyes look wide and bright!

The whole treatment takes less than 45 minutes. I’ve only had this done once and loved it, I am looking into doing this again.

Have you ever had an eye lash perm? What did you think of it?


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