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You don’t have to be a shoe snob to want the perfect wedding shoes. Your veil may be lovely and your dress may be divine, but once you’re wearing that white, cream or colored confection, your delightful shoes are one of the few things you’ll actually be able to see and admire when you’re not looking in a mirror. Sure, appreciative glances are great, but won’t it be nice to look at your manicured and massaged tootsies and see them wrapped in spectacular shoes?

There are some other things you might want to think about, too. Your gown may see the light of day once, but those awe inspiring shoes could become part of your eveningwear wardrobe when you choose them carefully. Some experts speculate that the cost conscious bride wants something more to take away from her wedding celebration than a lifetime of memories and a photo album. She wants shoes she can wear again — and again. If you love shoes, or just love the idea of wearing your wedding memories on special occasions (like your anniversary), consider buying wedding shoes that are indulgent but multifunctional.

I wore Benjamin Adam heels for my wedding day, and it took me so long to find the perfect pair! I also added ‘I do’ to their soles. They were ridiculously comfortable, but I also broke them in a couple of weeks before in our office! Since our wedding, over 4 years ago, I have worn them on our anniversary, date nights and other weddings. They are also on show in my closet room!

I have picked another couple of wedding shoe options I love – I didn’t spend a lot of money on my wedding dress, so I didn’t feel bad splurging on a pair of gorgeous heels, lets be honest what item will get the most wear after the wedding?!


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