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Is it just me or are maternity bras super unattractive? I mean already after having a baby you don’t feel great, you still have a bump (well most of us excluding the lucky ones and celebrities!), you barely get the chance to shower… I’m pretty sure y’all can relate. When I was getting ready I felt like none of my clothing were ‘nursing’ friendly, so I ended up living in leggings and jersey tops I could pull up to make it easier – but trust me I didn’t feel attractive at all during the first month – I guess that’s normal!?

What made me feel even more unattractive was the choice of maternity bras for us girls. Firstly, they are crazy expensive. Secondly, I opted for jersey ones which I prefer for support so I highly recommend them. But I also bought ones where you can pull the strap down, but they always come with padding, so when you pull the strap down then clip it back on you have to rearrange the padding. I found if you take the padding out the bra it doesn’t sit right, or look right after tighter tops. They are also just so bulky, the straps are so thick you can see them when wearing tees. I could continue on with my bitching on this.


So… when I was at my girlfriends recently she was breastfeeding her baby, and firstly I noticed her straps on her bra were a bright colour, fashionable and she looked like it was easy to breastfeed without stressing on sorting her tee/bra rearranging everything. I asked her, girl, what bra are you wearing?! and to my shock she was using a Victoria Secrets sports bra, but one that zips up the front… AAAHHHHMAZING! What a great idea! Annoyingly, I stopped breastfeeding after a month due to lack of milk and other reasons, but had I know I would have done the same!


I wanted to pass this on, as its comfortable, fashionable, supported and at least practicable !!

Other amazing new brand which I would recommend after reading about it in the news is one where the tee has a zip on the sides so you can still wear cute tops but have the convenience of being able to get to your boob quickly, plus it’s discret. Its called ‘The Milky Tee Company’ – go check them out!


What kind of maternity bra did you use when breastfeeding? Share any good brands you would recommend.


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