a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Just to continue the tour of our home I’ve picked our Spare Bedroom today! I wanted to create a clean, comfortable bright space for our visitors to feel happy when they stay with us.

We kept the color natural white and splashed in orange as our pop color!

The arm chair is vintage paired with a target ottoman – to me both these pieces are very Chanel.

Adding some decoration like lantern with candles just to make it more homely!

I love to accommodate people, I’m 100% a people pleaser! I like to leave out a little bag of beauty goodies for them to enjoy – usually includes shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, moisturizer, face mask, cleanser etc Little clutches are easily picked up cheaply, I always buy 3x$10 face masks when in urban outfitters or Sephora just to always have options. The shampoo etc I usually keep collecting from hotels! My little trick!! I always leave towel and eye mask too!

The spare rooms closet has an overstock of my ‘going out/occasion’ dresses! It’s also where we store extra blankets/bed lien and pillows. But I’ve added my own flare with fashion pictures!

Love Love Love this room! Already within the last year we have had so many visitors – especially during my maternity leave so it’s nice to have a place for them.


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