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I know this might seem a little odd, reviewing a product that most people associate with babies for nappy rash, but Sudocrem is such a universal product and I am loving it at the moment!! I had the most annoying pimple on my neck, to be honest it was as big as Everest, then I had another two on my chin -having pimples to me is the worst because I’m just not used to it. It makes me crazy self conscious plus I had the mole under my nose removed last week so all in all my skin doesn’t look the best!!

Then I had a thought, why oh why wasn’t I using the best cream ever?!

Sudocrem is generally associated with nappy rash (to me it is anyway!) but it has many other uses which include:

• Razor burn and I always apply after I’ve gone for a wax

• Heat rash and other types of rashes to soothe them

• Sun burn

• Spots

• Insect bites

• Cuts and grazes

• Eczema

It’s an antiseptic healing cream which makes it great to use for all kind of different things and this travel size tube is great to just pop in your handbag in case you need it throughout the day. It’s also an extremely cheap beauty product.

Thank you Sudocrem for making me feel a lot better this week!


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