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This morning, after breakfast, this is an important point to add which makes me feel less bad, I weighed myself and I’ve managed to put ON weight… I mean!? I can’t express how ‘good’ I’ve been, guess losing baby weight is going to be much much harder than I first thought! I’m dreading going back to work, as I will miss the cub during the day BUT it will be nice to hopefully squeeze in a run daily before picking her up, joys of the day care being so close to my work.

So while I feel bad about my weight and my clothes just not looking the same, and yes I refuse to wear any Spanx… as I don’t want to hide anything I want to get rid of it! BUT I saw one of my friends posts the other day about a new vitamin she has started using where she saw great results and thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

Since giving birth, and with my hormones being all over the place my skin has been suffering. This is the one thing I cannot stand is having bad skin. Now typically people who feel self conscious about their skin they cover it up with make-up, but usually this will make the issue worse, so I do not recommend that. As much as I hate going ‘bare face’ when I have pimples I know it will help them in the long run but not annoying!

As per my previous post I’ve been using Sudocreme – layering it on in the evenings! It’s helped so much, but I still have pimples on my neck – urgh they are the worst! I have also been using Tropic Skincare Elixir Oil – it is incredible! The other one my mum introduced me to is the super greens oil which you should use in the evening – it does smell a little funky but my skin is SO much brighter!

blog 3

This is a comparison of my skin last week to now, and please note I have no fancy filters and I am wearing zero make-up.

blog 4

By the way, I need to add, the tee I’m wearing is from Loft Outlets, and I love it so much! In my usual mustard color, I mean why change from the norm!

blog 2

So this is the vitamin my friend recommended which I bought on Saturday. Lets see in 25 days how much of a difference it makes. You can buy from target for less than $13 called Vibrant Skin. I have also been making a conscious effort to drink lots of water during the day… which means I’m running back and forth to the bathroom – it’s like I’m pregnant again!

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